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Kisulog: Miyata Toshiya - #12 01/30

I am really sorry that it took a long time this time D: but the reason why it took me so long is that before this I wanted to complete and post my translation of Myojo's long interview to Miyacchi!
I have posted it over at my journal so if you haven't yet, I really recommend reading it. I also recommend getting handkerchiefs ready. ;;

Kisulog: Miyata Toshiya - #12 01/30


Everyone!! It's coming really soon~:Darrowup

What, you ask~!?!?

The release day of our 6th single "My Resistance -Tashika na mono- / Unmei Girl"! :Dmelody

I can't wait for you to listen to them a lotarrowup

And you also have to check the PVs out~ :Dmelody2

We were hit by 2 tonnes of rain, we did the musical chairs game with our rollerskates on, each of them is worth watching~melody

Absolutely buy it, okay kidding!!

Now Tama and Senga-san are in dramas, right?sparkles

Both of them are amazingsparkles

I always watch them every week, toothumbsupmelody2

And so, this time!!!!!!!!

Iza mairan!! Akiba no cuisine (kiri
(T/N a pun on Tama's character's signature phrase in "Nobunaga no chef")

This time I will resist against Tama and show you all I can cook!
(T/N he uses the word 'sessha' to say 'I', it's an old-fashioned, samurai-like word)

If it goes well, the chances of me doing a special appearance in the drama maybe won't be 0 wwwww

So let's start!!!!

This time I'm going to use this!!!!

It's a buri fish I got for half price when I went to the supermarket a while ago!! Looks good

By the way, I!!

Know nothing about how to cook buri wwwww


I will cook it with the experience I have piled up in the 24 years I've been alive, my instinct and my intuition ヾ(=^▽^=)

What's the first dish that comes to mind when you think of buri!!

For the time being, since I can't think of anything I'll grill it with salt ♪

To start, let's put a little oil in a small pan and dump the buri, with salt sprinkled on it, in the pan!!!!!

Wooow!!!!!!! It smells good!!

There's no doubt that anyone who smells this smell would think "This will definitely turn out delicious♪"

Let's add some more flavour then!!!

It's a challenge, here Ψ(`∀´#

I'll add three different seasonings now~ ヾ (=^▽^=)ノ

The first is this guy!!!!!!

The king of seasonings that makes Japan proud in the world!!!!!

Sooooyyyy saaaaauceee!!! doya
Soy sauce: "Leave it to me, I will show you that even this buri can conquer the entire world!!"

And next, the second one~!!!!

The strongest flavour artisan who makes the seasoning world shake!!!

Sesame~~ oil~~~ :Darrowup
Sesame oil “I’ll cast my magic on this buri!!”

And then at the end, this guy is the only way to go~!!

The black ship of seasonings!! It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this super rookie is enough to make any dish in the world delicious!!

Yakiniku~~~ sauce~~~!!!!!!

Yakiniku sauce “There’s nothing I can’t make taste good!”

Come on!! The three seasonings summoned by Miyata are these!!!!

Will these choices turn out good or bad...

I’ll throw them in now!!!!!!!!

Now it looks like this

Waaai!! Looks good~♪

So let’s flip it over now... :Dthumbsup
(T/N to flip over is “hikkurikaesu” but he said “hikkurikaesunnu”, using -nnu at the end is a little popular recently as it gives off a fake French air, just as if we said “le flip over” or something XD)

I like the fish skin when it’s really crispy so I let it cook in the pan quite longmelody

And now just wait a second!!

I’ll move it to a plate when it’s done♪

Ah!!!!! The fish crumbled aaaaa Σ( ̄□ ̄;)

Wow!! It looks really bad wwwww the buri’s all crumbled ;O;;O;;O;;O;;O;

But well, cooking’s not about looks but about taste (tehe

Come on!! Let’s eat it for real!!!!!!!!

So good------melodymelodymelodymelodymelodymelodymelodymelodymelody


Something’s weird...

The taste is too intense and I got sick of it wwwww

Maybe I shouldn’t have used the super rookie yakiniku sauce?

And on the skin that was supposed to be crispy...

There’s a lot of scales wwwww

Do you have to take scales off fish??

Eeeeh~ ;O;

So it both looked and tasted bad~sweatsweatsweatsweat

Please someone tell me a tasty way to grill fish~sweatsweatsweatsweat

Damn!! It was too early for me to try cooking!!

I ate all of it on the verge of tears~ wwwww

If someone of you wants to try the same thing I ate try cooking it thumbsup

I’m sure your body will be surprised!!

This time I failed, but one day I’ll definitely get my revenge so look forward to it :Dmelody

Bye then! See you tegoshidesu

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