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Kisulog: Miyata Toshiya - #14 05/08

Kisulog: Miyata Toshiya - #14 05/08

Oiss :Darrowup

It's the Prince (kiri

The Prince is my role in the stage play I act as the main character in, "The adventures of Kifushamu Land"~ :Dmelody2

Let me talk a bit about Kifushamu without spoiling anythingmelody2

There are no humans in Kifushamu Land :Dmelody

It's a country where spirits live :D

I am a spirit of a tree called metasequoia sparkles
By the way my mobile phone wallpaper is a photo of a metasequoia!! waah

Other than that there are also spirits of a tanuki raccoon, a fox and a mushroom :Dmelody2

And a human comes to this land of spirits :Dsparkles

And then in the story the Prince travels to the realm of the dead with this human and becomes a great king!!

I think both children and adults will enjoy this play ♪

I am top class clumsy in Johnny's, but I'm working with all my might!!!!
Every day I practise dancing and fighting scenes till I'm drenched in sweat!
So I really want all of you to see it~ :Dmelody2

It's both a fantasy tale and a comedy, you will laugh a lot and cry a lot so come visit us in Kifushamu Land :Dsparkles

Changing topic, we just had our concerts in Osaka~ :Dmelody2
It was about one year since our last concert, so it was really fun :Dpeacenosign

I've been really happy that the people who came cheered very loud for us~ melody2

I want to have a lot of fun in the next venue too :Dsparkles

Recently the weather is difficult!!!! I don't understand what I should wear!!!!

Today I thought it was okay to just wear a T-shirt but it was completely too cold and I was shocked DD:sweat

At the end I want to talk about some useless trivia~ :Dsparkles


There's this thing called negitoro, right!?!?
(T/N a type of tuna based sushi topping)

Do you know why it's called negitoro?

How many of you have thought it's because you mix tuna (toro) with onion (negi) leaves~???

Boo boo!!

The correct answer is that negi doesn't mean onion in this case, but it's a fishermen's slang for carving (negiri) out a piece of tuna~ :Dsparkles

You ask why do I know??

Because they said it in an anime :DD

You can become smarter by watching anime :D
You all have to watch a lot of anime too because it's like studying~!!!!

But it's bad if your eyes get weak, so make sure you watch no more than 20 hours of anime a day XD

Well, bye bye for now :Darrowup
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