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Kisulog: Miyata Toshiya - #15 05/17

From this week the Kisulog update schedule changed and now every member will update once a week! The new post days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday. This week it's been Mon → Ki & Y, Wed → S & F & 2, Fri → M & T but it doesn't mean this will be the regular update schedule. Anyway, I'll still be translating Miyacchi's entries and Tama's (the latter, over at loveandcoffee) as soon as I can no matter what day they pop up. :D

Kisulog: Miyata Toshiya - #15 05/17

Yaah :Dsparkles

It's Miyata~ :Darrowup

It's got warmer recently, hasn't it!!!!
You can just wear short sleeves in this temperature~ sweatsweat
Miyata, who sweats a lot, is worried that it will soon get over 30°C ;O;

Tomorrow it'll finally be the opening day for the play I lead, "Kifushamu Land's Adventures" :Dsparkles

We're rehearsing at the theatre for the opening day~ arrowup

We're having a break right now!!

There's two types of obento, one with marlin fish and another with fried pork cutlet...
Which one should I get sweatsweat
I can't decide ;O;
Let's have marlin today :Darrowup
And so I'll eat the obento no~w melody

And then!!!! Let me introduce my partner :Dsparkles

It's the sword of the royal family of Kifushamu Land~ peacenosign

This is the sword that the Prince always carries with him~

I'll fight with it until senshuraku so please look forward to it~ yummyface
I'm waiting for you in Kifushamu Land~ :Dmelody2

See you soon (* ^ー゜)ノ
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